Our Team


Technical & Options Trader

Ripster is Technical & Options Trading expert with 10 years of market experience. He has
background as IT Consultant with Masters of Science in Engineering from UMKC, Kansas City. With a passion for equity trading, since 2016 he has been actively sharing live trades and educating traders on various social media platforms.

Recognized as one of the best Chartists on social media, Ripster has devised his
own unique EMA Cloud Trading System which is a high probability trading system with focus on risk management. He has spent recent years mentoring and guiding many traders on how to be consistent and learn his unique trading style.

Ripster Specializes in Day Trading & Swing Trading and teaches approach with focus on risk management. He usually focuses on trades with best risk to reward setups. He has unique ability of recognizing breakouts before they happen on various time frames and specializes on such trades. As Lead Technical Specialist for  BTG group he  provides trading setups & technical guidance for its members.


BioTech Catalyst Trader

Dough is a biotech trader who uses catalyst to trade around core positions. He has worked in the healthcare industry for 30+ years and has also traded extensively in biotech (and beyond) for more than 30 years.

Having guided many Biotech Investors for more than 2 decades, Dough is one of most
respected names in Biotech Investment Fraternity. He is recognized for his biotech Tweets, posting timely information around the clock concerning catalysts and biotech updates and events. Over the years Dough has helped many biotech investors by sharing his knowledge through personal interaction. He never misses an opportunity to chat directly with a fellow trader and always tries to personally reply to any questions he may receive.

His philosophy is to invest in companies with a strong future by taking a long-term
stance and trading around that core position; which allows him to make profits and build
a larger holding.

Dough looks forward to helping others become better biotech investors.


Biopharma Investor/Trader

Biostocks is an investor/trader with over ten years of experience – focused primarily on the biopharma sector. Biostocks is well known name in the biotech investment/trading community on twitter for consistently providing actionable breaking new alerts.

Over the years, he has refined his algorithms to filter for actionable news from multiple sources and vast amounts of data. This has allowed his twitter followers to receive the best alerts at lightning speeds and resulted in scores of profitable trades for many investors.

His trading strategy consists of, news-based trading, catalyst trading, swing trades and longer term investments.

As a core member of Bio & Tech Trading, Biostocks will be leveraging his 10+ years of experience to separate the real news from the noise and provide members with actionable ideas and trade alerts.


Bio & Tech Investor

PharmdCA earned his Doctor of Pharmacy, PharmD, degree from USC School of Pharmacy in 2006. After earning his pharmacist license, he worked as an ER pharmacist for almost ten years.

PharmdCA has been an active member on Twitter since 2013 and regularly shared his investment ideas on Biotech and Tech stocks. His Twitter feed, where he posts buys and sells, gives an insight into his long-term investment portfolios. He actively updates his thesis behind his long and short-term trades.

PharmdCA recently resigned from his pharmacy management position in September 2020 to pursue his long-term dream of becoming an independent full-time investor. As Core Member of BTG Trading Group he will be fully focused on guiding and providing trade ideas and alerts to BTG members.